Our First Week with Molly

Home from the hospital!

Cuddled in Daddy's arms

My favorite place to sleep

Ryan LOVES to just look at Molly

Happy with a milk mustache

Five minutes later....

Ethan was happy to hold Molly until she "tooted" on his lap

Finally Grandma arrived to hold me and love on me...now I've got it all!


What's in a name? Apparently LOTS!

I know some of you were starting to think that her name actually would be "Baby Girl Walker" but thankfully we couldn't leave the hospital without a name. LOL With lots of thoughts, and prayers, multiple conversations, trying out of names for several days at a time, we finally came up with a name we think fits and without further ado....
I know most of you know that Molly wasn't even on the radar but it's a name that popped up this past week that we both liked (Have you seen the Kenmore Refridgerator commercial? :-) and Adeline is my grandmother's middle name. We think it's a strong name with a little bit of bubbly and happiness...perfect! :-) Yes we know she'll be a "Molly Mormon". ;-)

Thank you.

Thank you to Leslie for taking and posting pictures while I was in the hospital. Thank you to everyone for your phone calls and visits, it made the time away from home much better! I am now home as of noon on Sunday and other then being super swollen and a little sore, I'm doing well. I love to see everyone's comments. It is always nice to know that people are interested and care about how you're doing. Thank you!


Announcing. . . . Baby Girl Walker!!!

Born this morning, March 13th at 6:36 am, Baby Girl Walker is 8 lbs, 19 inches long and as you can see ~ Beautiful!
The girls are doing really well!The Boys and their little girl...
The boys are so excited and loving their little sister, and soon enough, were playing in the storage cabinets...


A lot of recent publicity....usually never good

I have been asked by people not of the LDS faith from time to time how I feel about the series "Big Love". I've never watched it, but I know enough about it to know that it's not something I am interested in watching or supporting.
There has been even more interest when it was recently announced that the series "Big Love" will be airing an episode that recreates the LDS Endowment or Marriage Ceremony that takes place within the walls of our sacred Temples. HBO claims to be using an "ex-mormon" as their consultant and feel there is nothing wrong with this re-enactment. I obviously disagree.
Other then that I don't give it much thought or energy. I found this to be a thoughtful and eloquent statement that represents my take on it and the Mormon/Media issue in general very well. If you have any opinions of LDS people in light of what you may have garnered from watching the show, or from recent media coverage, I encourage you to read it. If you are LDS, I encourage you to read it too. I have noticed that the Church through the years has pretty much always taken a "simmahdownnah" (simmer down now....classic SNL) approach regarding things hitting the fan. Simmahdownnah is pretty much always some solid advice I find.


Baby News

I haven't been real good about keeping my blog updated these days. I've been going through a creative "slump". I'd love to add cute pictures with fun photoshop details or be really humorous (like Emily H, if you don't read her blog you should, it's always good for a laugh) but instead I'm just normal Buffy. That's good. I like "normal". However, I've been getting slack from friends and family who don't see me on a regular basis to update my blog with baby news.

Truth be told...I'm pretty tired of being pregnant! Big surprise. I have 11 days before my scheduled delivery date of March 13th!! YEA!!! I'm a big waddling duck right now. I say waddling because I have the most unusual pain in my groin that hurts whether I'm sitting, standing, or laying down and it makes me waddle when I walk. It's sooo pleasant! I just love it! I'm managing my gestational diabetes for the most part. Since I can't exercise anymore (see waddling duck comment) I'm eating! What else is a girl to do? I am taking medication to keep my blood sugar under control but part of that means that I actually have to eat properly. Like I said some days I do and some days I don't. On the days I don't, I'm usually sorry because I get pretty sick and icky feeling. However, a german chocolate cake ice cream from Cold Stone creamery is worth every sick feeling!!

Here I am at 6 and 1/2 months.

Here I am at 8 and 1/2 months! Look closely at my feet...lovely! :o)

I now know why I was going crazy nesting in the early months of my pregnancy. I had no idea that I'd barely be able to walk at the end but for what ever reason I went crazy getting everything ready months ago. Her crib has been put together since early December. I've been sewing and painting and washing and cleaning and organizing and... but nothing recently. I'm barely able to keep the house together! It was divine inspiration. Of course, I think it had a little to do with excitement too!

I was super blessed to have an amazing baby shower in February. There is another gal in my ward who is expecting a little boy 3 days after me. This will be her 3rd baby too! We'll both have two boys and a girl. It has been really fun to share being pregnant with someone. She's cute and fun and we have someone who really cares about our gripes...each other! The baby shower was overwhelming. I felt so blessed to have so many women want to come out and celebrate this baby. It was beyond fun to sit around with everyone and talk baby junk. Cassie and I have all kinds of coordinating outfits for our babies! Everyone said they really enjoyed shopping for two and felt like they were shopping for twins. They made sure we unwrapped our gifts from the same people at the same time. Fun, fun, fun. The food was delicious, the company was welcome, and the gifts were surprising. So nice to feel loved. :o)

Our family is just plain excited to welcome this little girl into our home! That's the best way to describe it. There isn't a single one of us that doesn't talk about it in some way every day. We are all dying of anticipation. What will she look like? What will her name be? (no we do not have a name...yet) etc.

Some friends and I are working on the finishing touches of her quilt. I've sewn the top and the back and it's currently on quilting frames getting hand quilted as we have the time. I've never hand quilted. I never had any idea how time consuming it can be, nothing that a little music can't cure. We're recruiting anyone we know to come over this week and help get it finished. I did however get her carseat quilt finished. I'm really happy with how it turned out (sorry no pictures, someday...). So basically it's time for her to get here!

Grandma making the first cuts

The first quilt block

The first two rows

Up on the frame!!