Ethan's Baptism

WoW! My little tubby rolly polly blonde haired blue eyed baby is 8! Ethan was beyond excited to be baptized! His baptism got pushed all the way to April 24th. We were waiting for daddy to get home from Iraq, then we went on vacation for Spring Break, then we wanted Mrs. Linda to be there...and before you know it....it was April. He was very patient with all of this stuff. Just occasionally asking "when am I going to be baptized?". He was so happy to see "Ethan's Baptism" on our kitchen calendar.

We had a wonderful turn out of kids in his class, and family friends. I was especially grateful for the support that was shown to Ethan and our family. We had some great talks and the baptism was extra special. It's hard to believe but I almost started to get teary!! (Some of my friends will appreciate that comment ;-) Thank you everyone for being in Ethan's life and teaching him the gospel and setting a good example for him. He's a wonderful kid and our family is blessed to have him!

Molly's 1st Birthday

What an exciting time in the Walker house! How fun it is to have a one year old. We all love being here and seeing all of her new accomplishments. I was much to caught up in being a "mom" with the boys to really appreciate the things we do with Molly. It's a big deal in our house when Molly walks, talks, burps, cries, laughs...you get the idea. Her birthday was no exception.
We were soooo excited that Grandma, Grandpa, and G-Ma Julie were able to come out to help us celebrate. I am beyond appreciation when family is able to come to big celebrations. That's one thing about being in the military that is truly difficult. The extended family misses out on lots of things. I'm grateful for my new Flip video camera so we can send them videos.

For Molly's birthday we took her down to Canon City to ride the Royal Gorge Railroad. It was the first train of the season. So there was some excitement for the crew which added to the fun. It was Molly's first train ride, Sam's first through the Gorge, and g-pa is a big train enthusiast. It was a good time. We got some really great pictures on the train.

We got home pretty late in the afternoon. Just in time for dinner and cake. Isn't it fun to watch a one year old eat cake? Molly was no exception. She was bushed after dinner! There would be no opening of presents for Molly. She was in bed by 6:30. I guess all that partying pooped her out. There was a benefit to that though because the next day, Sunday, we had invited people over for dinner and everyone got to be there while Molly opened presents.

It's hard to believe that a year passed by so quickly. That also means that Ethan is another year older, Ryan is another year older, Sam is another year older, and I'm another year younger!
Of course, Molly is actually 13 and 1/2 months old now. But nobody's paying attention.....right?