Christmas for a Soldier

Anyone who would like to send a card or yummy Christmas goodies to Sam...let me know. I know that he (and all the guys he works with) would appreciate anything. It's VERY hard to be away from home for the holidays. I don't think he would appreciate me putting his address out there for all of the world to see so just leave a comment or send me an email.

Here is a some cute pictures of Molly "helping" decorate the tree this weekend and the boys doing their tree upstairs. We are ready for Christmas!! (just wish daddy could be here with us, do you think Santa could bring me daddy?)



The Ward Trunk or Treat Party (as if you couldn't have guessed based on the beautiful background)
We had the privelage of going to Disneyland for Halloween this year! I feel very blessed that my mom was able to meet the boys and I in California and that we were able to have so much fun. We spent 4 days in the parks. We could have probably even used another day. We had AMAZING weather. That was a super nice perk considering there was a foot of snow all over the cars in long term parking the morning we left. Molly was a wonderful traveller. She's just a mellow thing that goes with the flow. She loved all the neat things to look at, and danced to the music. She learned how to ask for "more", play patty cake, and pull herself up to standing while we were there! We had lots of time to sit and play with Molly. :-) She also loved the rides.
The boys were beside themselves with joy. They were ready to go to Disneyland again next week. Ryan was a little nervous with some of the indoor rides and chose to stay outside with Molly on several of the rides but in the end he still had a really good time. Ethan gobbled up every ride he could. He got to go on most of the rides twice, once with me, and once with g-ma. What a lucky boy.
We are so grateful to my mom and loved spending our family vacation with her. It was sad to not have Sam with us at the Happiest Place on Earth but maybe again someday.

The night of the Mickey's Trick or Treat Party. Frankenstein, Vampire/Dracula, Little Witch, and Miss Piggy.