That First Tooth

I LOVE milestones.
It just gives me such a fuzzy bunny feeling. We recently had a new milestone with Ethan's first tooth. I have actually been dreading Ethan losing his teeth because he is soooo dramatic about things and I just knew it would be drama, drama, drama. However, he surprised us all. He's getting older and maturing more so that helps but he was so excited about losing a tooth that we had very little drama. Of course, we left him alone for a very long time as it was getting more and more loose. He came to us when it was just about ready to fall out. "My tooth is ready for extraction!" Sam got his "dental tools" and hid them from Ethan because he knew if he saw them he'd start freaking out. Actually I would too! Ethan had to say a little prayer before Dentist Daddy went to work. It was so cute how he told us he needed a minute to pray and ask Heavenly Father to help him stay calm (see even he knows he gets a little dramatic!). As you can tell from the picture Sam covered his eyes like any good dentist would do!