All that sewing...

I'm finally getting around to posting my Christmas sewing pictures. I didn't want to post them before Christmas because then my mom would know she was getting a quilt. It was the first quilt I had ever sewn and I wanted my mom to be excited to receive this gift. It was an invigorating process. I'm sooo thankful to Tagan for helping me pick out some fun fabrics (which is just about as hard as anything else) and to Leslie for taking the time to teach me how to assemble the quilt top (she rocks at getting corners to match up), making the quilt sandwich, and hand binding the quilt.
My mom LOVED it! It's perfect for her to curl up with on her couch and watch all her favorite crime drama shows (she's addicted to all of them) and reality t.v. (likes most of those too :-). Ryan LOVED the quilt too. In fact everytime I was working with the quilt (after the minky was attached) Ryan would find a way to come and curl up in the blanket. He's been asking for weeks for his own minky quilt and even picked out a color he likes. He'll have to wait until I'm done with the baby girl's quilt though. Thankfully, I had enough fabric to make two lap quilts so he's enjoying snuggling under our lap quilt until he gets his own.

In addition to the time spent making the quilt, I also sewed 6 different reversible aprons as gifts, a carseat quilt for my friends new baby girl, and a super cute toddler girl purse that I gave to my niece who loves to carry her mom's purse around the house. Needless to say I spent a few hours down in the basement listening to music and enjoying a little "mommy" time this past December.

My next project is for the upcoming baby girl. I've already reupolstered a glider that I bought used and I'm starting on her quilt. I found a fun pattern that is challenging but not to difficult. My mom was in town this last weekend and between the two of us we figured out how to get started and piece the first block together (which was the hardest part) and now I'm well on my way to a fun original baby quilt. I seriously know that my grandmother (who tried desperately to teach me to sew as a pre-teen) is enjoying watching me sew my little heart away.

Old Chair New Chair!
New rocking chair!
Quilt pictures coming soon!!