Making Homemade Candy Canes

This week we were invited to participate in a long standing family tradition with the Baer family in our ward. They are a wonderful family. They have a tradition of making candy canes every year with their children. The tradition is passed down from Dan's family. They gave a nice lesson on the candy cane and all the meanings behind the shape, the colors, and how it applies to our Savior, Jesus. There were several families who were invited and had the opportunity to see how it is done. I've never been privy to homemade candy before so I found it fascinating. We got to pull the candy until it became white, mix the food coloring with the candy to make stripes, and then the Baer family starting pulling, twisting, and cutting off pieces. The kids then got to take it to the table and shape it into a candy cane. What a super fun evening!! What a treat to be invited to participate in this family tradition.

Rampart Range

Sam got a fancy new pistol recently (which he very firmly states was purchased specifically for me since it's for someone with smaller hands ;-) and so he wanted to take the boys out to shot the gun. The boys and I went sledding while Sam played with his gun and then after sledding the boys got to have one turn each shooting daddy's gun. Ethan was really interested in shooting. Ryan thought it was to loud. He did want to shoot though. It was a nice Saturday morning Walker family outing.
P.S. that's the famous Pike's Peak in the background.


The Christmas Spirit

Well it's that time of year! Our house is most definitely buzzing with the Christmas Spirit right now. The boys are super excited! I thought last year was fun but it looks like this year will be even more fun....(for mom and dad :-)

We took the boys to see Santa yesterday. They spent the afternoon drawing pictures and making their lists. Ryan spent the day singing Santa Clause is Coming to Town which is his new favorite song. (See video) Ryan went right up onto Santa's lap and explained everything on his list. It was fun to see Ethan still believing in Santa. It won't be long before he's in on the secret so I'm enjoying it while I can.

We of course are still focusing on the true reason for the season, our Savior. The boys enjoy listing to the scripture stories and often tell me what they've learned. It's refreshing to have children who enjoy the scriptures. Ethan said "Mom I know Jesus is really important but Santa is the bomb!" He's a crack up. You really just have to spend a short amount of time around Ethan before he says something hilarious.

I hope all of you are enjoying the wonderful Spirit that comes with this time of year....I know I am.

3 year old singing Santa Clause is Coming to Town