What Makes Sam Smile?

Anyone who knows my husband knows that he's a pretty serious guy who rarely really gets super happy. On the bright side of that he rarely ever gets super mad either. That comes in handy when you wreck the car, buy $100 shoes, or get paint on his favorite sweatshirt. I love to see him get super happy and actually smile. He's got a nice smile. This weekend he was glowing with happiness and I just had to take a picture. We bought a jetski about a month ago. He's home for the summer for the 1st time in 3 years and we wanted to make the best of it. He took the jetski into the shop to get tuned up and ready for summer a few days ago. Then on Saturday we hooked up the hose and started it up. Boy did he smile! If it's got a big engine and it goes vroooom then Sam's going to smile! I told him I absolutely had to go into the house and get the camera to capture this moment because it was so fun to see him so excited and happy about something.

Entire Month of May!

Wow time has passed so quickly this last month. It's been really crazy. I even thought about taking a picture of my dry erase calendar in my kitchen. The end of the school year crept up fast and along with it came all kinds of obligations. I like staying busy but this was a little out of control.
Come to think of it April was a little like that too!
I promised my friends that I would post a picture of Sam and I the night we went to the Army Special Forces Ball. Unfortunately as always the picture of me is yuk! I am not photogenic! Anyway, I'll post a picture....from the waist up. :-)

We had lots of soccer in the month of April and then the last games in mid May and the end of year parties. That was a little crazy. The boys played much the same as ever. They are the "bees" outside of the "beehive". I think they are afraid of getting stung. Even though Ethan said one day as we pulled up to his soccer game..."today I'm going to float like a Cadillac and sting like a Beamer!" That same day Ryan was being a stinker and I said if you don't hurry up we'll be late! His response was "that's o.k."

The next big thing in April was the Pinon Elementary Art Show. Ethan had a piece of art displayed during the show. He was so proud of himself when people would ask him to show them his art. He would walk them over to his "piece" and say "here it is...my work of art!". I must say I was impressed too! They also had an end of year art show at the school where every child had 2 works of art displayed in the hallways. I thought they'd have the same piece but no two more really good art pieces were hanging up. I've been really impressed with the Art teacher and the "Art in a Suitcase" program they have at the school.

Then came May! The month started off great hearing from my best friend Allison who now lives in England. She had baby #3, another little girl. She was a little unexpected but still welcome. Although she says her other girls are more interested in playing in the orchard then holding the baby. Should be a lifetime of her chasing her sisters.

Ethan learned how to ride a bike this month! We took him to Broadmoor Valley Park and put him out on the grass and away he went. He did amazing for his first time. We still need to work on actually turning the bike but we were super impressed with our "little" guy.

Then I had a wonderful Mother's Day. I woke up in the morning to flowers which Ryan informed me were brought by Santa Claus. The boys were super nice to me. Ethan tried to brush my hair for me because he said he loved me and wanted to help make me look pretty. Ryan wore my church shoes around the house because he said he wanted to be like mommy and Sam freaked out (of course) "boy get those shoes off, those are for girls!"

In the middle of May I played in my first ever "real" golf tournament. My partner and I finished in fourth place for our flight and she got closest to the pin on the 8th hole. I actually didn't play that great and was really upset with myself on a few holes but still had fun. I decided years ago that golf was something that I was going to have fun doing or I wasn't going to do at all. I tend to get a little to competitive even with myself and ruin the fun of things. This is a picture of my partner Diane and our other friend Nancy who came along just to ride in the cart. These are the two women I play golf with just about every Tuesday. They know more about me then most people because we spend 4+ hours a week together on the golf course! I did recieve a huge complement that made up for my average golf game. One of the women from the other twosome that was playing with us asked me how old I was. I told her I was turning 36 soon. She said she absolutely did not believe that and thought for certain I was younger then her daughter who just turned 29! YES! Then Nancy and Diane both said they also thought I was in my 20's!!! I've been feeling exceptionally old these days, even shopping for anti-aging lotions and potions. That made my day. The weather was horrible that day in fact on one hole I literally had sleet and hail hitting me in the face when I tee'd off. Oh well, at least I look young. :-)

And last but most certainly not least!! Kindergarten Graduation! I can't believe it. I literally feel like just a month or so ago I was taking pictures of Ethan on his first day of Kindergarten. Man the year flew by fast. Ethan has really changed and matured this last 9-10 months. He's my little helper and super great kid that says funny things ALL the time. I should post some "Ethanisms" just for kicks and giggles. Then all of you could giggle like Sam and I do.

I will post this one Ethanism that just happened a few days ago....we were talking about last names and how we all have the same last name. I told him that when I was a little girl then my last name was Wood because I belonged to the Wood family. He thought about that for a second and then he said...."yeah, then you married a handsome young man named Samuel and I'm sure glad you did because he's a great guy! Someday I'm going to marry a lovely lady like you and she'll be a Walker too!" Have I ever mentioned that Ethan talks about being a teenager or getting married quite often? He's a little man in a little boy's body.