In Honor of George Washington

Tomorrow is George Washington's birthday. Ask me how I know this? Because it's on our kitchen calendar of course...and because Ethan chose George Washington as his biography this month in 1st grade. We worked together to do the research, put together the index cards, edited the rough draft, and did the final draft. I was pretty impressed with how far a kid can come from starting Kindergarten to the middle of 1st grade! They were supposed to bring at least one visual aid. Ethan decided he wanted to use his "creative brain" and draw a picture of George. He spent lots of time drawing and then I helped him color it. It was pretty big. He said..."mom thank you so much for helping me color George, my hand gets really tired, and plus your coloring is much better then mine!" He also wanted a colonial hat, which I attempted and thought looked ridiculous but he was super excited to wear it while he read his biography. Not my best. :-) There was another little guy in his class who did a biography on Abe Lincoln and I got a cute picture of the two of them. Gotta love first graders!


My Neighbors Ice Tree

We have the nicest neighbor. He created a beautiful ice tree for us to enjoy last week, and everyone who drove up our street. (It caused traffic mayhem for few days). I will say he is from California so that does half way excuse his stupidity.

We've had some pretty warm temperatures here in Colorado this winter. It's a little unusual to say the least and I guess my neighbor was afraid his newly planted trees would die from lack of water. Did anyone not teach him about dormancy? Despite our warm temperatures during the day it still gets below freezing at night. So one day last week, I noticed he had his sprinkler going and watering his yard. The next morning we had an absolutely gorgeous display of ice. It really was remarkable. There were people constantly pulling over to check it out. It actually stayed frozen for about 3 days and then I saw him and his wife out there with shovels and broomsticks knocking the ice off the trees. Hilarious.

I wish I would have gotten a picture of the ground. It was pretty cool looking too. Ryan got quite the kick out of trying to walk on the grass to get icicles off the tree.