Our Humongous Fungus

Spring has SPRUNG! These are our humongous fungus!


The Greatest Show on Earth

Took the boys to the circus today. It was a really nice mother/son outing. Sam stayed home and took care of Molly. We had really good seats. We also had a special treat! Ethan was picked from the audience to perform a magic trick. He made me levitate in mid-air! As I was floating, I asked Ethan if I was floating and he said "yes", "how are you doing that?", "I have no idea!". But he didn't want to stop wiggling his fingers just in case that was the magic that was keeping me levitating. :-) A fun treat and something I'm sure he'll remember for a long time to come.
Because it was just the boys and I, then Ryan had to come down to the arena too. He was our official photographer. He also had the special opportunity to sit with the clowns. The clown took a picture of him. :-) How fun to go to the Greatest Show on Earth and then get to be IN the Greatest Show on Earth!

AND Molly turned 3 months today!


Mine Own Book...

This is a shout out for a good friend of my that is a SAHM. She has started her own business making children's books. Now these are not just any children's books. They are MINE OWN BOOKS. Meaning that she takes pictures that you submit of your child and turns them into a book. For example, you send her pictures of your child's eyes, mouth, nose, etc...and she puts them into their own book. She's a wiz at Photoshop and the books are super well made and definately cute! If you have any kids between the ages of 1-5 this would be a super cute gift. If you know of someone who has kids these ages then pass it on! We all know some of the best advertisement is word of mouth or in this case "word of blog". Put a post on your blog maybe there will be several readers that would be interested. I'm sure Leslie would appreciate all the business she can get! Thank you kindly.


A Fun Series of Pictures

We were trying to get Molly to smile for the camera...

Third times a charm! Say cheese!