Just so you know, I read your blog. Took me a while for figure out how to post. That just goes to show how old I am.


The Blog Begins

Never thought I'd be a blogger. A few years ago the word didn't even exist!
Never thought I'd play Bunco either. 10 months ago I didn't even know what bunco was.... This past week my bunco pals and I were talking about blogging. I was feeling a little behind the times when I realized, I didn't have a blogspot. What no blogspot! Imagine.
I'm only blogging because I hope to keep in better contact with family and friends. That is always my objective with the computer...maintain family and friendship relations. I'm deeply connected to people who've touched my life in some way or another. I like to take one good quality from every person I meet and incorporate it into my life in some way. I learned that after attending the funeral of a handsome young man with whom I attended high school. His family said he did that. I admired him so much and felt such great pain that he was taken from this earth that I decided at that time I would do the same thing.
Take for instance my friend Allison. She's amazing. She knows how to go with the flow better then anyone I know. Fortunately for her the flow has taken her all over Europe! Now that's a trait I really admire. :-)
Take my friend Georgia. Another amazing gal. I say gal because she's just bubbly and bright...full of sunshine. You just wouldn't call her a woman. The term doesn't fit. She taught me that life is full of surprises and it never hurts to make lemonade out of lemons. She also taught me that I may never want to have two babies at the same time even though I've wanted twins since I was old enough to know I could have babies.
So here I am blogging. Just because I want to keep in contact with friends and family. The core of my life.