Sam has skills....

We went to a friends house for a BBQ and I volunteered to bring a salad. I told Sam that we were bringing a green salad and he says "Oh I can make a mean salad!" I'm thinking to myself "really, hmm". So he gives me a few things to buy at the grocery store. I helped him chop up some lettuce but then I got busy helping the kids. When I came back to the kitchen this is what I saw!! It was a piece of art! And very good to boot. I had to compliment him on his "unknown" talents.


Wii love it!

This is our families newest entertainment. Quite unplanned really. The story goes like this....Sam kept telling me that if I was out shopping and saw a Wii that I needed to make sure and buy it because they are hard to come by and the guys he works with are always talking about playing Wii games and there are a few guys at work that really want one and can't find one. Of course, I've never looked for a Wii. :-) Today Sam was at Target and got the last one they had. He called me and said I needed to look on e-bay and see how much we could sell it for. However, once he got home we decided to pull it out of the box and see what all the excitement is about. Our entire family (including the boys) spent 3 hours playing Wii games and designing our Mii characters. The boys (and me ;-) had a blast playing golf, baseball, and bowling. I'm absolutely amazed by the technology that is involved in this game system. Insane!!
The boys can hardly wait to wake up tomorrow morning and play the game some more and literally at this very moment Sam is out buying more accessories for the game!! Who'd a thunk it???


Hogle Zoo!

Spring Break in Utah. We had tons of fun visiting the zoo. We're just a bunch of animals!!

Trip to California Slide Show