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10 Years Ago....
  1. I was working in my first "real" job as a speech therapist for Primary Children's Medical Center in Salt Lake City...and I was loving it!!
  2. I had 5 really great (once in a lifetime) friends that did everything together. We got together weekly to watch X-Files, go mountain biking, go 4-wheelin in Corner Canyon, trips to Moab, vacations together (we'd just got home from a really fun trip to San Diego), and chillin' at each others apartments.
  3. I bought a new Jeep Grand Cherokee (for 4-wheelin) and then totalled it 6 weeks later in a major rollover accident off of I-80 between Tremonton and Snowville.
  4. I had a huge crush on our singles ward Elder's Quorum president (hint his name was Sam Walker)
  5. I was living in the "strangest" apartment over a strange house with 2 other girls. My room had a captain's bed, my roommate lived in a loft down a dark hallway (I don't remember ever having many conversations with her), my other roommate had a front bedroom that was built off the living room. It was a really wierd shaped apartment but it was dirt cheap!!

Today's To Do List.....

  1. Work on my blog for the first time in a few weeks
  2. Call and set up my Visiting Teaching
  3. Exercise for at least 30 minutes
  4. Finish Ryan's "Star of the Week" Collage for pre-school
  5. Do speech therapy with Ryan for at least 15 minutes
  6. Read with Ethan
  7. Finish my billing for my patients
  8. Finish sewing my "fall" church bag
  9. Take a nap! (absolutely necessary right now)
  10. clean the house to get ready for family coming to town

Places I Have Lived....

  1. Salt Lake City, Utah
  2. Tremonton, Utah
  3. Hollywood, CA (I was 2)
  4. Garland, Utah
  5. Denver, Colorado
  6. Snowville, Utah
  7. Howell, Utah
  8. Naf, Idaho
  9. Stone, Idaho
  10. Boise, Idaho
  11. Provo, Utah
  12. Salt Lake City, Utah
  13. Sandy, Utah (our first married apartment)
  14. Monterey, California
  15. Ogden, Utah
  16. Fayetteville, North Carolina
  17. Colorado Springs, Colorado

I may have missed a few but I think that is all of them!

If I Were a Millionaire....

  1. I would immediately hire a personal chef!
  2. I would spend a lot more time visiting my friends and family. I'd definitely go visit Allison much more often since she always seems to be somewhere cool!
  3. I would find the perfect house, in the perfect neighborhood, with the perfect school, and the perfect ward. (money can buy anything can't it?)
  4. I'd pay off all the bills, and buy Sam that sports car he's always wanted! That would mean we'd need a house with a 10 car garage because there are at least 8 sports cars he's always wanted! :-)
Snacks I Enjoy....
  1. Peanut Butter and Honey on Whole Wheat Bagel...mmmmm
  2. Snickers Bars
  3. Donuts
  4. Cake and Ice Cream...together
  5. Cookies (I really like all cookies except one's with fruit inside...yuk!)
  6. 7 layer dip and Tostitos white corn rounds
  7. Chips and Salsa

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July 2008

July has come and gone. I'm getting some "flack" about my poor blogging. I'll have to admit July did seem to come and go awefully fast.
We started the month off with a fun weekend in Pueblo, CO. We got a camping spot at Pueblo Reservoir and spent 2 nights and 3 days playing in the water. We were blessed to have the Gray family come down with their boat. They were also extremely gracious and pulled in their "mini-Winnie" R.V. to save us all from sleeping on the ground in a tent! I've never been so relieved! I had tried for weeks to convince Sam to buy this cot at Sam's Club so I wouldn't have to sleep on the ground but he wouldn't let me get it! The big meany! So when Paul and Leslie offered their R.V. I couldn't have been more pleased! Thank you, thank you, thank you!
We spent hours and hours out on the water jet skiing, tubing, water skiing, and swimming. Ryan was glued to the seat of the boat the entire weekend. "I'm so scared" We did finally bribe him into riding on the jet ski by offering to go to WalMart and buy him a toy he wanted. The entire Gray clan was cheering him on too. "Come on Ryan, you can do it, then you can get your Bakugan!"
I got up on the water skis for the first time in 10 years!! After 2 icky falls where I had to surgically remove my swimsuit I was done. Actually I was exhausted! Leslie did awesome! She just learned to water ski recently. She had much more stamina then me! :-) She also had the ski gloves! She was holding out on me.

Sam and I celebrated 9 years together this month. Although it's been a stressful life altering couple of years, I'm grateful for the strength of our marriage and for the place we are now in our lives. I look forward to many more years and many more happy times.

My mom came to visit for Pioneer Day weekend. Since she works for the State of Utah she had 4 day weekend and decided to come visit. That same weekend Sam left for Tennessee to help his mom transition to home after 8 weeks in the hospital!! Unfortunately she went home on Friday and Sam took her back on Monday. She was readmitted with dehydration. It looks like they plan to keep her for 2 more weeks and send her to the rehab unit to get some strength and stamina back after having spent so much time in bed and ill this summer.

Mom and I took the boys to the Denver zoo. We were all super impressed with the Denver zoo! We liked it quite a bit more then the San Antonio zoo we visited earlier this summer. When I was a young girl our family lived in Denver for a short while. My stepfather's family owned a nursery in the Indian Hills area and we moved to Denver so he could work for them. I remember alot of things about that house but neither mom or I were able to find the address. I really wanted to see if we could find the house. We remember it was across the street from a Methodist church, I remembered riding my bike over a major road so that my brother and I could go to a pet store, mom remembered a tunnel that we used to walk through to get to a big park, and that they used to joke about being able to walk to the Denver Broncos stadium faster then trying to find parking. We did a little research on churches and parks before we went to Denver. We spent quite a bit of time driving around Denver but were never able to find the house. It had been almost 25 years so obviously the city has changed quite a bit. I was to young to remember much more then details about the house and mom couldn't remember to much about the neighborhood. We tried but weren't successful. Bummer.

We also we to the ward Pioneer day breakfast, stained some new closet doors, we for a 3 mile walk every morning, and enjoyed some really nice quality time together. I love to have my mom visit!! It's hard to live so far from home. I love when we can get together and the boys have the opportunity to get to know their grandma better.

Now we're ready to start into August! This will be a crazy month too. I'm not making promises on any blogging records to all my friends out there that keep giving me a hard time. I'm sorry I can't be the super blogger that all of you are!! :-)

(pictures are coming...you can't expect me to blog and do pictures can you!! LOL)