Our Ethan is 8!

Can it really be true? Have 8 years passed by since we welcomed this beautiful blonde haired baby boy? What an amazing 8 years it has been! Ethan is full of life. He was given so many gifts from his Heavenly Father. He has the gift of kindness, consideration of others, respect for his teachers, empathy, music, and many others. He is the best big brother! It is extremely funny to just sit and listen to him talk. From the time that he started talking then we would talk about Ethan's "Ethanisms", meaning funny things he would say that just made us chuckle. Of course, he's usually very serious when he says these things and isn't try to get a giggle at all. That's what makes it cute. Here are some fun pictures of Ethan's life (so far ;o)

When Ethan was born (via C-section) the very first words that came out of Sam's mouth were: "He has blonde hair!". That was a shocker. Neither one of us expected a blonde haired baby. On top of that he had TONS of blonde hair. It was fun to have all of the nurses on the unit coming into the room to touch and rub his hair. Everyone was amazed by the little blonde boy.

We had a lot of fun with his hair! I gave him SEVEN haircuts before his first birthday!

Before we knew it he was ready to eat. Of course the chair was a little big for him (but that didn't last long)

Some favorite pictures as a 1 year old

Two Years Old

Shortly after he turned two he became a big brother. A role he usually cherishes.

3 years
4 years (shortly after moving to Colorado Springs)

5th year

6th year. He loves art and his awards he got in 1st grade really helped him have even more interest.

7th birthday helping to make his birthday pizza

Shortly after his 7th birthday he became a big brother again. He most definitely takes the role of big brother to Molly seriously.
and now he's EIGHT and 8 is great!
Happy Birthday Ethan, we love you and cherish you so much!