Recent Pictures

Sometimes it's just easier to do a photo journal. As I recently heard...you can either live your life or you can blog about it. :-)

Believe it or not...Molly is now 11 months old! This is her on the morning of her "celebration".

This is a perfect picture to capture her personality. A picture is worth a thousand words!

I've been busy with a few birthdays. Ethan and Ryan both celebrated their birthdays in the last few weeks. We went with a dinner and a movie theme this year. Since I was home alone (Sam was still gone) then we kept it small. They each had a few friends over on a weekend night for pizza, popcorn, cake, ice cream, and fun!

Ryan with his Bakugan. He loves these little round balls. I would guess that at least 80% of the time he is carrying one somewhere on his personage.

The party goers...

Ryan and Ryan on his actual birthday. Ryan was going to be out of town on party night so we invited him over for a playdate and our annual b-day dinner at Red Robin. Ryan loves chillaxin with Ryan (I know confusing huh)

Ethan had his party on a Saturday so I actually had time to put towards a fun cake. I love the way the cake turned out. That's a giant platter of spagetti and meatballs in the background. Bet you can't guess the movie the boys picked out...

The party goers... That's Molly picking up popcorn crumbs.

Did I mention that my wonderful husband made it home safely? Wow what a difference one more person makes in our house!!