Saying Good-bye

I was recently talking with my mom about some pictures that I couldn't find and she mentioned my blog.  Yes that thing I started to be "cool" like my friends a few years ago and now I haven't touched in over a year! Oh my.  I went searching through my blog posts and found just what I was looking for...imagine that.  BUT I found much more.  I found memories!

Now I'm here in the Lazy Boy thinking about all those memories and I'm a little sad and maybe even truthfully a little depressed.  I'm not prone to either of these emotions but they are coming on hard and strong tonight.  (might be that "special" time of the month too)

I'm starting to get really nostalgic about all kinds of things in Colorado Springs.  I'll drive by something and think..."I'm really going to miss seeing that" or "hearing that" or "smelling that".  I don't know if I'll ever forget the site of Cheyenne Mountain (or Snow White's castle as Molly calls it) at dusk when driving down South Academy on the way to house.  Or the beautiful site of the mountains from Lake Ave. and South Nevada.  Or the site of the plains all lit up in the night sky from high up on Thames Drive. 

The memories I've made here I will cherish for the rest of my lifetime.  I came to Colorado Springs a "broken" woman.  Our marriage was in complete shambles.  I was in complete shambles.  Shortly after arriving then my boys turned 4 and 2 years old!  The boys are now 10 and 8!!  I've had two absolutely adorable little girls in the time we've been in Colorado.  These girls will be 3 and 18 months when we leave.  I have a marriage that is strong and thriving.  Our family has been sealed for time and all eternity and we love one another.  It's amazing.

Thankfully, I get to take my family with me.  For this I am blessed! 

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Mutti said...

We have loved having you here and miss you terribly already! Enjoy this new adventure!